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11-Dec-2015 10:53

It's alternative, like online dating, but it removes the impersonal, sometimes deceiving and lazy ways of the Internet.Instead, it allows face-to-face interaction with multiple dating prospects, in an efficient manner, all in one night and for the low price of .I was always kind of iffy about speed dating and any alternative-dating styles in general. Tickets to participate as a speed-dater were already sold out … I followed the signs that said "Speed-Dating" at Madison's on King Street, and when I entered the downstairs bar, the disco ball was spinning, the lights were low and the wine was flowing.I like traditional romantic love stories, not "we met in a chat room." And I still don't understand Internet dating with the superficial pictures and profiles, and the "perfect" marriages displayed on commercials creep me out. After failed attempts to get any girls to come speed dating with me (the age range of the event was 21 to 34-years-old — older men, anyone? The city's premiere speed-dating party was already in action.Fifteen tables were set up with couples stationed face-to-face and at the ring of a bell, they had six minutes to strut their single stuff and prove they were dating material.When the six minutes had expired and the bell was struck again, 15 of the speed-daters stood up and rotated to the next open table for another round of fast and furious flirting.I sat at the bar with Kristi Moe, the organizer of the event.

You didn't think it actually existed, but it does.

And it's here in Madison — it's speed dating!

Speed dating is not an Olympic sport, but it is a new way of dating.

The 30 singles, equipped with nametags, were so chatty, loud and excited, they sounded like a group of sorority girls rushing new freshmen. The majority of the people looked friendly and were dressed nicely — no mutants in sight.

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I felt like they should all be wearing matching shirts. I examined the 15 single men and 15 single women mingling with each other.No contact information is exchanged between speed-daters at the event because Kristi has all of their information and does all of the contacting for them.

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