Withings scale not updating

10-Dec-2015 01:02

This data was transmitted via Wi Fi to Withings servers and allowed you to monitor your ups and downs.

In the not too distant future I’m planning on doing an article on weight and what it actually means. The SIMPLE example, that missing quite a LOT of subtleties is that Bradly Wiggins when he won TWO gold medals at the 2008 Olympics was 84kg.

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Ok before we get any further into this review – I’m British, therefore we spell analyser, well thusly.

So not being entirely sure how the Great Overfiend that is Google does SEO for these things so I’m going to place at the top here, this review is also looking at the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 The original Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale was released in 2008 according to Amazon.