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03-Aug-2015 04:00

We strive to provide our customers with quality materials and efficient service at competitive prices!Call for more information about our Building stone 860-875-3580. Nothing compares to the durability and ageless beauty of natural stone quarried in Stafford Springs, CT.Skyline Quarry has provided quality raw and cut stone for more than 60 years.Schist is a metamorphic rock that comes in almost infinite variety, but its main characteristic is hinted at in its name: schist comes from the ancient Greek for “split”.

We can help you decide the type and amount of stone you need for your particular project.

The colors blend beautifully with any outdoor landscape or architectural structures.

You can choose from cut stone, flagstone, veneer, wall stone and other materials.

This is how we get the different thickness from our stone and what makes Skyline building stone so easy to work with.

The color characteristics hold natural earth tones of grays to browns.Chatalternative is free chat site which is like omegle , chat random , chatrulette.

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