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04-Sep-2015 13:39

that why i had done this on May 14 i had done a anal sex with a sex worker(impotant) without Condom and i ... dry and free from any stain or coloring yet it was slightly crumpled which made me think ...

years older than had a good chat and we become friend,infact he have to have sexual pleasure ... And there has been case when HIV could be transmitted with saliva without blood by human bite ... I really need help – I have got a deep paranoia about catching HIV from casual contact ... Last week , I met this girl prostitute , have chit -chat with her, then we went ... of HIV transmission without exposure and exchange of body fluid. with vaginal intercourse without changing of a new condom. If 2 tests are positive, baby is positive, if 2 are negative baby is negative.

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So my questions are: Did I get in touch with the HIV virus ...I am worried of the effectiveness of the condom post ... However if breast feeding by positive mother, more tests may be needed even after 5-6 months till breast feeding is going on.