Women dating men 15 years younger dating servece

19-Jun-2016 23:19

My problem is that I have always thought older women who go for younger men are a) disgusting b) need their heads examining and c)wonder what on earth the younger men would be doing showing interest in older women when they could be going out with a nubile 25 year old?

Im just interested in getting everyone's opinions on here - can it work between older woman and younger man?

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I know one younger man who says that he has always liked older women because they are sexier and more equal to him intellectually.

He says that many older women are beautiful, take good care of themselves, are more confident, are better lovers, and have life experiences that make them more interesting overall.

I think it's interesting that he feels no regard for age difference, but perhaps as the years pass, his attitude about that may change.

The girls all go gaga over him, but he's so much more mature than the girls his age, and he hasn't found one his equal.

The most mature and interesting man I know is actually a teenager.He is way too young for me, but he has expressed romantic interest in me. While flattered to pieces, I must say that our age difference is far too great a chasm of time to be practical for me.

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