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Its taken me about 11 months, but I was finally able to sign up for a bootcamp.Ive done my own fair share of sarging so I felt quite prepared for this bootcamp. He is an expert on day game, which was the focus of the bootcamp.I posted one below so you can get a feel of who Vince is.With the influx of new bootcamps I think it is important to hear the honest perspective of students who attended them.I salsa danced with some gorgeous blonde Norwegians on the streets, number closed two Swedes that were walking and had a Brazilian kiss me on the cheek in the book store (got her number as well). I told him yes, and this was a bootcamp being help by Vince Kelvin, who use to work with Ross Jefferies.An amazing price compared to the thousands of dollars other gurus are charging.The bootcamp took place in a conference room in a hotel/apartment complex. To help monitor the progress of the attendees, there were 10 instructors supervising the attendees in the field.

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What I liked about the bootcamp: Most of my game has been built during the day. To find a target rich environment as Santa Monica was the best venue any day gamer could ask for.

It was target rich, hot babes everywhere and best of all: TOURISTS!!!

What made me sign up for his bootcamp was when I saw him number close a girl at the PUA Summit.

She started speed walking away from him after he delivered his opener. It was very impressive, plus the fact the bootcamps was only 0.

One of our readers sent in this review of a VInce Kelvin bootcamp.

I am unfamiliar with Vince Kelvin so I did some research and found some videos of his.

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