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25-Jul-2015 02:16

How nice of him , i thought, but that's until i read his profile again and saw that his details have fundamentally changed.

It changed from non-smoking to smoking, changed from no children to have children, and changed jobs, and changed the suburb he lives in. Could someone please tell me whether this profile is fake or the guy is a scam and just didn't have the guts to scam me?

Is this profile fake and the rejection is an automated response?

A further example, i sent a kiss to a guy who i thought would match me quite well.

And he straightaway within seconds sent me a rejection even without reading the contents of the kiss and did not even look at my profile.

Another example about guys not being genuine or just wanting freebies or whatever they can get out of the situation.

I came across another profile and thought the guy suited me quite alright, so i sent him a kiss, then he sent me a kiss back telling me to write to him. He says on his profile that he is well educated though, which probably is a lie again.

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This is just like in a bar and i indicate to a guy that i may be interested in him and he comes right up to me and say: go and get me a drink and you pay for it to thank me for possibly liking you back?

I just do not believe that if a guy is genuinely interested in you he would not spend the to contact you.

way too expensive.......charges are out of reality ...some of the members seems to be fake just to get you to buy tickets ..I had a few contacts that are if fact genuine members and today I contact them thru other services ..they cant be all fake then...yes...right what someone write..of arrogant girls there looking to find the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.....we need to pay to talk to this bithes just looking for a fat wallet ...... I think there are lots of people who are not genuinely looking for someone and plenty of players and people who got nothing to do all day except just looking at profiles.

Every single dating site is a scam with 100% fake profiles, don't waste your money and your time, they only want your credit card number, and you will get nothing in return, read other reviews before you pay those scam sites. Plenty of free kisses received but not a single email, seems as if no guy wants to part with his , but kisses are free, so they will send one to every girl so that he can get in top 100.

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The system then send him a notification that i have added him to favourites folder.

A few minutes later i got a notification from the RSVP system saying that this guy has up-dated his profile.

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