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But i do have to be thanking God all day and night that I and my mother are happy alive .Mom do stay in Uk London and I'm Planing to visit her very soon about my business cos no one else like mother to me,that's my back bone as am working into a new business of buying and selling of Arts work and sculptures, as for now.She was poor grammar and her story does not make sense it has many holes... So just match these messages up probably exact same ones... And thanks for your response..sorry i didn't include more photo with enough information on the website...i purposely didn't do this because I'm new to the internet forum and wouldn't like to attach all my personal details to the public site because i don't know what i'll get from here... Can you tell me what you're looking for in me and what your plans are for a better future?she call her self an art's trader and claims her father died in a gas pipeline explosion. I will include additional pictures but she/he might change name and pictures and even "location" so go off the email. first one I guess she copy pasted it and then when she reveals warehouse explosion yadi, ya. What are you looking for achieve in 5 years from now.About my family its a long story to tell and touching because that make me share tears whenever i remembered the past, I will keep this short, I came out from a good combination of two, my Mom is from UK while Dad is a native of Australia,, I am the one and only child of my parent, i will count it , I have a big Family because i dont know much about my Moms family in the United Kingdom, while my Dads part is very small town, Unfortunatly i lost my father and a little story of my life i never tell any one about this am writing you and do pls keep this to your self than telling any friend sharing my word about my dad with any one out there or your friends.Your Name.,since my father's death i have started to live my life by myself and not depending on my family, although i still miss my Dad because of the courage and advises he use to give to me about life , but i am glad i am whom i am today.I don't really wanna voice out this feeling about my bad news in life but i don't know what really came into me that am behind your feeling of friendship in my heart because have promise to start a new life in state here and not to voice out this to anyone else.She calls herself Elizabeth Williams and her email is [email protected] she is a Nigerian scammer who claims to have lost a father and will them claim to need help for her.

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