Xbox marketplace not updating

14-Jan-2016 00:52

I believe we've recently got a few more on working, but the amount of people isn't high.Which leaves me to the conclusion that the same thing happened for the 360, but much worse.There have been a few people wanting Valve to re-release TF2 for the PS3 (or even the Wii U), and while that'd be nice, TF2 is...what, 11 GB now? Maybe if they got rid of all the cosmetic crap it could fit, but I'm not sure.

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The fact that it shares a disc with four other games might be a factor too.I've recently bought the Orange Box for the Xbox because TF2 was on it. (I played 360 version back when it came out, didn't take to longer before it was filled with people glitching under the maps) My question is, why is Valve against making money in THIS case, and not to slapping a pricetag on everything that moves here on PC? I don't even remember the 360 version getting glitches fixed let alone new content. At this point it would be more worthwile to just release a new version of it for XBLA.

I think they just like putting prices on things because they like the numbers.Yes, Valve did say they didn't want to make gamers pay for the updates.

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