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11-May-2015 12:47

Finally when the client pushes a message to the websocket server, we’re adding the current date to the chat message in the JSON format and we’re broadcasting the message to all registered chatters for the specific chatroom using the Vert.x Event Bus and the connection id . The user may send a JSON formatted message to the server, a callback is defined for updates from the server that updates the client’s view.

Finally when leaving a chat room, the websocket connection is closed.

In addition it offers a nice component system, an actor-like concurrency model a distributed event bus and an elegant API to create scalable applications in no time.

In the following tutorial we’re going to build a websocket chat by creating a HTTP server and the websocket server using Vert.x, Java and Maven.

First of all we’re rejecting every request that does not match our specified “path”.

Otherwise we’re assigning the connection id to the chat room.

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On the server side we’re going to set up an HTTP server to serve the HTML file and the other web resources like CSS, Javascripts etc listening on port 8080 and a websocket server listening on port 8090 (we also could have used on server-instance for both).

The websocket server listens on port 8090 for connections.