Yamapi dating maki is skandar keynes dating rebecca swinton

26-Sep-2016 08:29

The couple was spotted together a few times; although they have denied the rumors and stated that they are just friends, but there’s too many indicators that suggest that they are indeed in a romance relationship.

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" as they looked over the menu and ordered together.

While it was the VIP section it was really only separated by a curtain, so whenever a waiter came through people could see what was going on inside. If Suzuki's management is to believed, all these so-called witnesses are speaking the false.

Those who saw Suzuki and Yamashita all thought it looked very much like a date. They said she went to a party attended by hundreds of people and Yamashita also happened to be there; this was her first time meeting him, and they only spoke a few words to each other.

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Because the two began attracting attention, they were taken to the VIP section where they pretty much spent their time having drinks.

A woman who was also in the VIP area said Yamashita looked very cool; he asked Suzuki, "What would you like?

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