Yemeni women dating

19-Dec-2014 15:14

I am a black muslim woman from France, when I was 19, a Tunisian/Egyptian man wanted to marry me.

OMG thanks God, my parents are not dumb and said NO. My parents are from a small muslim country called Comoros, it's an African island part of the Arab world so many of us look black but speak Arabic and marriages between Comorians and Middle easterns or north africans are very very common.

I find it disturbing that Middle Eastern men don't like Black women.

What is it about Black women they don't like, I have found plenty of White, Asian, Pacific Islander and Indian men would date a Black women but not Middle Eastern men.

The population is Muslim and several of the country’s Sharia-based laws contain provisions that are discriminatory against women, particularly in the area of family matters.

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One of my uncle (married to my aunties) is Qatari and another one is Yemeni, my best friend is from Mali, her fiancé is Lebanese .Yemen has one of the largest gaps in the world between Yemeni women and Yemeni men in primary school attendance rates, health care and economic opportunities.Less than 30 percent of Yemeni women are economically active and the majority of them are employed in the agricultural sector.HOWEVER, I don't date them anymore, as they don't want marriage as a 28year old educated black woman I have no time to waste in my search for a husband and I'm not about to become anyone's concubine.

If you're muslim, if should not be that difficult to find a M.

E man but I personally couldn't deal with their culture and I'm not attracted to them at all AM loooove black women, I am black and I've dated a few Arab men.

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