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20-Sep-2016 10:05

(i was careful not to make eye contact when i said it, but from the corner of my eye, i did see that he was shocked, even a little offended (! I've since told him the same thing a couple of times - again, spur of moment and in the context of conversation and in a very light-hearted, non-threatening way. At first, I thought that i'd done something wrong, and I especially thought so when i didn't hear from him again for a month or two.

so its world events, work stuff etc that we talk and debate about.

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The result was that I stopped all contact with Aqua and he didn't 'come back'.

I met the Aqua again 1 yr ago, after a 10 year gap - the spark is there and stronger than ever, but he's married now. He let it slip that he had googled me a few times over the years, but i didn't admit that i'd done the same. Usual pattern is that he'll text to meet up, then we'll spend an evening and be extremely close & intimate, talk a lot, hug, kiss, cuddle and have the most amazing sex and cuddles all night and the next morning too! Neither of us feels like talking about emotional stuff, (in my case, i just don't care to ask anything, i just enjoy him so much).