21-Sep-2015 10:56

With 8,973 students, we are only 27 students short of 9,000.

If our growth follows historical trends, we will break 9,000 by winter break.

As a result, this year we were cut 13 teachers by the state, yet our continual goal remains to make growth a positive force within our district.

It seems that at every speaking engagement or casual conversation that I have is consumed with two requests: tell us about the zone lines and what grades will attend James Clemens High School. Steve Salmon, presented the Board of Education a five and ten year growth report. Item ID=29398%26ISrc=District%26Itype=News His report is a very essential step to our rezoning.

This information is needed in order to make informed decisions.

It is very exciting to be a part of such a growing district.

There are many challenges this year, plus the economy has caused our allotted state money to decrease.

Schedule to be completed by the next school year, the construction of James Clemens High School has many parents concerned about zoning changes. Fowler addresses this issue and others in the open letter below: Dear Parents and Guardians, I hope that this school year has gotten off to a great start for you and your children.

As I visit our schools, I see wonderful activities taking place, and I feel a sense of urgency with our staff.

We have only another 165 days with the students this year, and we hope to make every day a special day of teaching and learning.

Since last spring, we have experienced a growth of over three hundred children in the district.

Madison City Schools Superintendent of Education Dr.Dee Fowler addressed several issues in a letter to parents Sunday night about the city’s new high school.

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