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Residence, parental, and peer smoking (current and childhood) were associated with trying smoking; age, race/ethnicity, and marital status were additional factors for becoming a lifetime smoker. CONCLUSIONS: The active involvement of teachers, religious leaders, parents, and other influential adults should be elicited in tobacco education and prevention efforts to maximize their effectiveness. Almost 43% of Blacks and 40% of Hispanics reported that they had sexual intercourse during the month preceding the survey. "Cultural, Contextual, and Intrapersonal Predictors of Risky Sexual Attitudes among Urban African American Girls in Early Adolescence." vol. The authors predicted that girls with higher school interest, family cohesion, religiosity, and behavioral self-esteem would endorse less risky sexual attitudes. "Escaping from the Crime of Inner Cities: Church Attendance and Religious Salience among Disadvantaged Youth." vol. To test this hypothesis, we draw data from an interview survey of 2,358 youth black males from tracts in poverty in Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, conducted in 19.The risk of being a lifetime smoker was reduced when neither friends nor parents of the student smoked and the student viewed spirituality as important. Both Black and Hispanic adolescent males who had been sexually experienced reported a strong belief that sexual intercourse validates masculinity and increases a closeness to a girlfriend. Also, older girls were expected to have more risky sexual attitudes than younger girls, and girls from 1- rather than 2-parent households were expected to have more risky sexual attitudes. Results from a series of multilevel analyses indicate that church attendance (the frequency of attending religious services) has significant inverse effects on nondrug illegal activities, drug use, and drug selling among disadvantaged youths. Abstract: The Imani Project was a faith-based project that recruited African-American Missionary Baptist men to mentor African-American males ages 12 to 17.The results of this study add to the growing understanding of health risk behaviors among African Americans and can be useful in reducing smoking. Findings from the multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that, as exposure to the family and peer risk factors increases, so does the likelihood of sexual involvement in both Black and Hispanic respondents. The authors hypothesized that ethnic identity and gender role orientations would contribute to explaining variability in sexual attitudes after controlling for contextual and intrapersonal variables. Abstract: We examine the degree to which an individual's religious involvement significantly mediates and buffers the effects of neighborhood disorder on youth crime. Religious salience (the perceived importance of religion in one's life), however, is not significantly linked to reductions in juvenile delinquency. "The Imani Project: Challenging Missionary Baptist Men to Mentor Adolescent African-American Males." D. The project goals were to enhance discipline, self-image and achievement among the boys.If you are a site administrator and have been accidentally locked out, please enter your email in the box below and click "Send".If the email address you enter belongs to a known site administrator or someone set to receive Wordfence alerts, we will send you an email to help you regain access. Or if you were blocked because you were accessing your site too quickly, then increase the number of accesses allowed per minute.If you're still having trouble, then simply disable the Wordfence advanced blocking and you will still benefit from the other security features that Wordfence provides.Important note for site admins: If you are the administrator of this website note that your access has been limited because you broke one of the Wordfence blocking rules.

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Among the lifetime smokers, 71.3% had smoked during the 30 days preceding the survey. Second, students who received information on the effects of smoking on health from family and external sources (teacher, parent's friend, and religious leader) had higher overall knowledge, attitude, and preventive efforts scores than students who received information from other sources (friends, electronic media, and printed media). Future directions for quantitative and qualitative research on African American religious and spiritual life are suggested. The purpose of this study was to assess the sexual attitudes and behaviors, and to investigate the relationships of family and peer factors and the dimensions of the expanded Health Belief Model with sexual involvement in the study population. More than half (58.3%) of the participants had smoked at least once, and 9.3% of that group were lifetime smokers. RESULTS: The African-American students surveyed in this study received information regarding the health effects of smoking from many sources, most notably television, family, and teachers. We review empirical research on the role of religion and spirituality in the lives of African Americans with an eye toward illuminating the affective, cognitive, and behavioral mechanisms through which religion and spirituality shape individual, family, and communal relationships across the developmental span. "Family and Peer Influences on Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors in Black and Hispanic Adolescent Males." Dr. A total of 178 adolescent males, 88 Blacks and 90 Hispanics, aged 13 to 19 years were selected from a database of a 1996 Youth Survey conducted as part of the local needs assessment in neighborhoods with high rates of teen pregnancy in San Bernardino County, California. Abstract: The authors surveyed 614 African American university students to determine the magnitude of cigarette use, identify risk factors, and develop models to predict smoking. The primary analytic procedures utilized in the study were correlation analysis and analysis of variance. This paper labors toward a framework that examines the roles of religion and spirituality in the development and maintenance of social relationships. Although, the teenage pregnancy rate has been decreasing since 1991, the number of babies fathered by males younger than 20 years remains high due to frequent sexual involvement, particularly in Black and Hispanic youths.More women (66.8%) than men (56.1%) had tried smoking and were classed as lifetime smokers. Finally, family influence was greater when parents were not smokers, and influenced elementary students more than middle school or high school students. Nearly 67% of the sample were sexually experienced. Approximately, 36% of Blacks and 33% of Hispanics reported being sexually experienced by age 13 years. Abstract: The role of cultural factors in explaining sexual attitudes among African American urban girls, aged 10-13 years, was investigated in this study. Abstract: With the theoretical backdrop of social disorganization and "resilient youth" perspectives, we hypothesize that individual religiosity is protective in helping at-risk youths such as those living in poor inner-city areas to escape from drug use and other illegal activities.

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