Youtube popular videos not updating

13-Apr-2016 09:12

De Franco believes his videos were hit for covering news events like Chris Brown's standoff with police (and for his innocuous tagline "'sup you beautiful bastards.") Mr Repzion's channel is mostly devoted to mental health and believes dozens of his videos had ads stripped for his earnest discussion of difficult subjects like rape and suicide.

It's not known if channels are having their videos "demonetized" by actual humans on the platform side or by an automated bot similar to how content is flagged for copyright violation.

For the past year You Tubers have been trying to navigate a deluge of false copyright claims and a changing algorithm that rewards needlessly-long videos.

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Who exactly is determining what constitutes a "controversial or sensitive subject"?While You Tube are of course free to run its platform as it pleases, it would do well to explain its intentions to creators more clearly.