Zacks chat backdoor

02-Apr-2015 12:03

She’s making this suggestion under the guise that Derrick/Zach would stay but the intent is to dlip the house and get cody//Derrick out.

Cody – they are trying to get Derrick or I up to send us home.. Christine and Frankie are trying to get you to put up me.. They compare notes about Frankie and Christine trying to get Derrick or Cody put up.

Derrick think it’s Donny that Frankie wants gone ..

Cody – I’m going into the next HOH HAMMER TIME Nicole points out how stressed Frankie and Christine have been.

Brings up they told her they want to win HOH on double eviction to get a big player out Cody – He’s talking about me he wants me out ; hayden – Frankie says he wants to cut throats and start backstabbing he said that to me ..

I’m going to win HOH next week and you just told me my nominations” Cody – When he does all these antics I want to kick him in the back of the head.. HAyden says Chrsitne told everyone in the house that Cody, Derrick and Nicole were up in the HOH talking game.

Cody – They want to flip the script and get one of us out.

pm Hayden and Cody HOH Cody mentions the name of the alliance tentatively being “Quad Squad” Hayden say the name for the alliance sucks He’s got four banked away he’s ready to fire out.Hayden – “I have the coolest name ever.” Nicole comes up says Christine is trying to convince her to put up COdy oir Derrick.