Zooey deschanel dating history updating teirs

04-Jan-2016 18:53

But most certainly, your opinions on Rory’s boyfriends have changed. In the end, you realized it was actually kind of personal; you just weren’t that into him.

You get to a certain point in life where it’s no longer about which boyfriend you think is best for Rory; it’s about the fact that you’ve dated every one of them. By the end of Season 7, I not only experienced and survived Rory’s dating history but my own as well. He planned surprises for you that rivaled spontaneous helicopter getaways on . It was the little things at first: He wouldn’t eat Indian food, he didn’t share your dream of going to Asia, he didn’t read that book you gave him to read months ago.

PHOTOS: The best celebrity engagement rings ever The happy news comes one week after the actress, 35, and her producer fiance, 42, confirmed that they're expecting their first child together.

The little things signified bigger things: He was threatened by your independence, he didn’t like to try new things.

But you didn’t think it was legitimate to break up with someone because he wasn’t as adventurous as you and he wore turtlenecks that were too big.

Right now, he’s sitting at a sports bar with his bro Todd, telling a hot girl that he doesn’t like her haircut.

Pregnant Zooey Deschanel is engaged to boyfriend Jacob Pechenik, her rep confirms to Us Weekly.

on Netflix, chances are you’re watching it for the second time through.Maybe this is the first time you’ve related more to Lorelai than Rory, maybe you have newfound sympathy for Emily, maybe you’re realizing they made a lot more references to pagers than you remember.