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06-Mar-2015 03:48

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It's very easy to suggest to another person you want to meet them when in truth you are just viewing their profile which can be misleading.There seems to be a lot of people on this site in my location. 90% of the profiles are fake and 99.99% do not respond you. Whenever you complain, you get a standard copy paste replies.Once you have picked a few you can start easy conversation without having to pay extra. I went through this process a lot met some really fabulous people and am happy to walk away now and pursue my current relationship.

It depends on what your expectations are as to whether this site is good for you or not. Ladies, some of you have shopping lists that no man can compare to.

I hear from a lot of ladies that the guys that approach them are very much into instant hook-ups that lack substance. Pros: I have communicated with a fair few people and I know they are real.

Don't we all check out each others social media presence anyway :) Conversations were always pleasant and relevant.

Cons: The ability to change my search criteria from the original search is a challenge and I did receive a lot of communication from ladies outside of my search range.

First sight First conversation From the moment we started this journey , we connected immediately. The day I went back on met someone that I connected with very quickly.We were both first time users & a little sceptical at the time. We talk on the phone and text everyday and can't wait to meet in person one day soon.